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About Us

WICO is a Tunisian company founded in 2021 and headquartered in Tunisia. It positions itself as a company specializing in the development of web and mobile applications, IoT, big data and business intelligence.

    WICO offers many services such as:

  • IT solutions integration
  • Consultancy and Business Intelligence
  • Web & Mobile Development

WICO uses the latest technology to provide its customers with very high service and product quality. It provides solutions to create new, better and smarter services for companies and individuals in the IT sector.

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Why choose WICO Technology?

Respect of deadlines

For each of your projects, we present our deadlines, after a study of your specific needs. Thus, you will be informed of the estimated duration, and you will have a precise date which will not be exceeded..

Security and Privacy

We assure you the security of your web projects, which will be efficient and reliable. You are also guaranteed the confidentiality of any data communicated to us.

After sales service

We will always be delighted to have the honor of ensuring the follow-up and maintenance of the various web projects, we will always be at the service of our customers for any type of intervention requested.



We develop responsive website applications based on several technologies:
- Front-end: Angular, ReactJs, VueJS, HTML, CSS
- Backend: Spring Boot,java,PHP, Laravel, Symfony, NodeJS


We develop mobile applications based on several technologies
- Native: Swift and Kotlin
- Hybrid: Ionic
- Cross-platform: ReactNative and Flutter

Internet of things

we develop solutions to monitor connected objects in real time and remotely.

Business Intelligence

Our mission is to help users better visualize and understand their data WICO advises its clients on the selection of the best solution for their respective requirements. Therefore, it provides a strong added value through the services it provides, in addition to the integrated BI software.

We help you acheive what you imagine

Wico Technology composed of web experts helps you transform your ideas into realities and accompanies you in the realization of your projects from A to z.

  • Experienced team

    We offer the best solutions for the growth of your business thanks to our proven experience in the creation of web and mobile applications.

  • Daily monitoring of progress, our customers test their product as they go along and any proposed changes are accepted with pleasure..

  • Our company takes into account all the small details of your project in order to offer you original, tailor-made work that meets your specific needs..



Lac II , Tunis

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